14 year old becomes Everton’s Mascot with the help of a Robot.

A die-hard Everton fan with serious health conditions joined his idols on the pitch while they competed with Newcastle United on Monday.


Jack McLinden, a fourteen-year-old fan of Everton, not only became a part of the stadium in the Premier League 2018 but served along as a ‘distant’ mascot with the aid of a robot.


This fan of Everton had prearranged a robot named AV1, designed by a Norwegian firm, which has restricted mobility and is bound to a wheelchair. The robot helped the child to perform his mascot duties through its built-in speakers, microphone, and a digital camera.


Phil Jagielka, the captain of Everton team, connected the Norwegian robot AV1 to the iPad of Jack McLinden at his home that allowed the kid to have a real experience by hearing and watching the match through the telepresence robot.


Jack McLinden could not attend the match held at Goodison Park at all due to his need for oxygen 24 hours a day even though the kid lives only two miles away.


McLinden’s mother Michelle Wignall could not thank the company enough that worked with WellChild, a UK charity saying that it was a completely new experience for her son.


Further details about the Premier League 2018:
Being the 26th season of the Premier League, the season is scheduled to end on the 13th of May 2018.


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